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About Me

Hey! welcome to mi blog!

I’m Mary (pronounced Mari) – just a Dominican girl from NYC with some thoughts on life, mothering (yes, I just made that into a verb) and what inspires my personal style. Since I have so much to say, I figured blogging would be the perfect way to share my unsolicited thoughts! 🙂

Yo soy what we now call: a Millenial Mom,  which means that I am juggling kids, hubby, business, school, and creating opportunities. I am felizmente married to my Randy, a very loving and quite handsome HR professional y Fitness Coach (www.fitdadworks.com). We turned our house into a home with the addition of our two beautiful girls Alegra and Eliana. Although we currently reside in Florida, our hearts are somewhere in Italy (no lie). We enjoy quality time together (main reason why I instill kid routines), dinners, travel and a good workout.

I’m hoping to showcase my womanhood and it’s various stages through this blog with you: a little girl at heart, a mother, a wife, a fitness enthusiast and a pseudo Carrie Bradshaw with a little island Martha Stewart-y twist . We become so many different people as we take on various roles in life…la sexy siren turning heads, the bride letting go of daddy’s hand , the expecting new mom, the lover sneaking kisses with her husband between diaper changes and the empowered boss showing her daughters what strong looks like. I invite you to not just sit back and enjoy my ride, but to participate and create your path to la vida de tu sueños!

Un beso y un abrazo,


25 Things to Put on Your Baby Registry & Others You Should NOT

I cannot help myself but to write this with a  big smile on my face. I remember how clueless I was when I created my first born’s registry. I think I even created multiple registries… not knowing how complicated it became and hard to keep track of purchases. That is why I decided to share […]


Introducing Kids to Fireworks

I like a lot of things, and love very few. Fireworks 🎇 I happen to absolutely love! And this year I am ready! You see, I have missed watching live fireworks for the past couple of years. I can go on and on… but the truth is I have had back-to-back pregnancies and I avoid […]

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Frequent Flyer Miles… and Marriage

I ‘m not a regular mom, I am a cool stay-at-home mom My husband and I came to the decision that I would be a stay at home mom for several reasons. 1. We wanted one of us to always be within reach of our children. My previous job would had required me to travel […]