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A day in Tampa Bay

Once upon a time we woke up really early and headed to Tampa for a fun-filled day. Sure that opening line sounds dreamy and effortless, but it was just that! My husband planned the whole thing; he even picked the restaurants which is usually MY thing! And you know what…our day was perfect! Here is […]

Grey and loving it…a lifestyle of empowerment

I found my first grey hair strand when I was around fourteen years old. That initial strand soon invited others to follow its lead. I vividly remember plucking each strand out one by one every time I’d see their silver presence. For a while they seemed to be non existent, so I assumed I “won” […]

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The Personal Chef experience with Chef Brito of YMB Catering

With my husband’s constant travel and last minute schedule adjustments, it is really difficult to seamlessly plan pre-paid events, reservations and getaways. I am not complaining…I love living on the edge lol; but sometimes it can be annoying. I am naturally a control-freak and a bit anxious so handling last-minute changes does a number on […]

A letter to my believers…

Dear Friends, Can you believe @onceuponamami is turning one!? I can’t believe it either! Such a big girl now!  Although I may not be the best at staying consistent with my posts, I’m so blessed to have followers as consistent as you. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey because it’s only going […]


Introducing Kids to Fireworks

I like a lot of things, and love very few. Fireworks 🎇 I happen to absolutely love! And this year I am ready! You see, I have missed watching live fireworks for the past couple of years. I can go on and on… but the truth is I have had back-to-back pregnancies and I avoid […]