Grey and loving it…a lifestyle of empowerment

I found my first grey hair strand when I was around fourteen years old. That initial strand soon invited others to follow its lead. I vividly remember plucking each strand out one by one every time I’d see their silver presence. For a while they seemed to be non existent, so I assumed I “won” the premature grey hair battle.

To my surprise, my early twenties brought back ALL of the strands I’d previously plucked plus more! So for the past 12 years, I spent countless hours exhaustingly dying my hair to cover what I thought aged me. I would touch up my roots with hair dye every 3 weeks…can we say damaging! I grew tired of the struggle, but was fearful of taking that leap to just go grey.

It wasn’t until last year while pregnant with my second child that I decided to embrace my natural hair color. I knew with the coming of another baby, I’d have to make some shifts and master time management. Forgoing the hair dye task would definitely give me some valuable hours back. What once seemed inconceivable turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Learning to embrace me and experience me the way God made me has been such a beautifully freeing experience. Through each transition in life, I’ve learned that acceptance of all parts of you starts with yourself…and you know what, I’ve happily accepted that I am one hot silver fox! ARH-WOOOOOO!

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