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The Personal Chef experience with Chef Brito of YMB Catering

With my husband’s constant travel and last minute schedule adjustments, it is really difficult to seamlessly plan pre-paid events, reservations and getaways. I am not complaining…I love living on the edge lol; but sometimes it can be annoying. I am naturally a control-freak and a bit anxious so handling last-minute changes does a number on me because outside my family, my heart and life revolve around food. So I started thinking of ways that I can plan ahead and buy our family more time together while doing awesome stuff.

For instance, I already know that 1. Valentine’s day is overrated, and commercialized…. but that IS an excuse to eat (my heart smiles) 2. My hubby has tentative travel plans around those days 3. Sitters will be all booked and I only have two on my rolodex. After a few failed attempts at planning what might be canceled, I decided to eliminate the variables and “rescheduled” the Valentine’s dinner for a day I knew he would be home, saved the sitter money, eliminated the production of compressed “mommy getting ready in 15 mins” and did away with having to travel to a restaurant during traffic in Orlando’s Route 4, no gracias! My ingenious idea was the easiest of them all: call Chef Brito of YMB Catering to cook for us…. you know…a traditional “Valentine’s Day” dinner…Surf & Turf baby!

It was the most perfect idea! YMB arrived early, hauled in her crates of pots, tools and pre-measured ingredients. I gave her a quick tour of our kitchen and showed her where all the essentials were (in my pjs because I was still getting ready) I was impressed at how “portable” her set-up was… it was beautiful to watch! She was “that” level prepared…I mean there was a portable waste basket, stove-top grills, a torch and what looked like an arsenal of disposable gloves and white crisp kitchen towels. The real kicker in the set-up was how thorough this planning was and how seamless the set-up was. To see several cutting boards for veggies and meats… it was like seeing cherubs sing… you know.. because I am OCD and well of course you cannot expect less from a professional chef. I was in awe. I must also add that I was making multiple trips to my bedroom as I was still getting ready!!! This was such a win for me! At one point I even checked up on the babies, and all was good and I was even more excited than before because I knew all was going to be under control. ❤️

Chef Brito was focused and as soon as I saw her chop the shallots in a nano-second I asked Randy if we could sit by the island and be entertained by her skills. My initial idea was for us was to experience a complete private dinner, but I DO have an open-concept kitchen so unless I sat in our  backyard there was no way this curious foodie could sit still while hearing the melody of a chopping knife and a soft sizzle.

Because  I had a front row seat, I really must say that I experienced this private dining on another level. Let me paint you the picture… I felt as if I was a judge on “Iron Chef America”, Chef Brito’s  focus was that of a competition, yet she managed to take time to briefly explain the process and answer all questions. Typically a private dining experience would be different, where the dining party is usually seated away from the cooking action. In that case the private dining experience is much more intimate. However, we were thrilled to get to know her through hearing story and the love for her craft.

Once dinner was plated on our nicely heated plate, our wine poured and mood set for the evening, Chef Brito delivered our beautiful dinner: ribeye steak, crab cakes with a side of zesty remoulade, arugula with cherry tomatoes in lemon and oil, and grilled asparagus. The food she prepared was the perfect pairing for an evening with my hubby. We were able to enjoy dinner AND a show with Chef Brito. The savory flavors and aromatic delight of the beautifully dressed plates of Chef Brito’s creations was just what we needed to truly enjoy our Mom and Dad evening alone. Thank you Chef Brito for taking the stress of planning a romantic date night off of this overwhelmed mami’s plate! 

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  1. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    Hi Mary – I am happy to see you get back into your writing. I really enjoyed the story. Hope you guys had a very nice evening. The food sounds exquisite.


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