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NYC Chick moves to Lake Nona, Orlando, FL

a neo-modern community…

I’m a big city girl who’s familiar with big city living. When my husband and I decided to uproot our small family from NYC to the burbs in Central Florida, it was a genuine search for space, growth and a suburbia lifestyle for our girls. Fast forward to one year later where I’m homesick and missing the constant social environment and activities centered lifestyle we were so accustomed to. After some research and intense discussion with my hubby, we decided once again to make a move…this time from Kissimmee, FL to Laureate Park a trés chic community, nestled in Lake Nona, Orlando, FL.

Can you spot my new digs?

My previous home was great! However, everything around me was too rural, I wasn’t crazy about the neighborhood schools’ performance and the local dining experience was blah. Discovering Laureate Park in Lake Nona, FL was a dream…literally I dreamt about a place where I had the best of both worlds: family-centered and trendy community. Laureate Park provides both plus so much more! Laureate Park how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Lol, check out the top reasons why I fell in love with this amazing community:

1. Top builders from across the globe are right here! I know fancy and the architectural designs of the homes are beyond anything I’ve seen. Just check out the www.crafthomes.com to see some amazing designs, like our very own Brewer model, which we love (home debut blog, coming this spring!!!)

2. Network, NETWORK, nEtWoRk. Demographically, tons of young professionals and young families. An ideal place for new families with working mom and/or dad.

3. Location. Guys, 10 minutes from the airport! Who has a constant traveling husband? I do! So convenient for my husband on his travel days. I was doing an hour drive to the airport with my two little sopranos in the back seat 2-3 times a week! Imagine driving an hour to the airport then another hour back home with two screaming toddlers. No bueno!

4. Super active. I live in a resort. Almost. So many activities and things to do! Our community calendar is amazing, just peek at our Facebook community page (https://www.facebook.com/learnlakenona/) We also have a community manager every few blocks. Loads to do like,  #winewednesdays where each home within a community has the opportunity to host an evening of BYO, Amazing Explorers Academy (aexplorers.com/) for the little ones, Canvas Restaurant (https://canvaslakenona.com), breathtaking golf clubs, an abundance and variety of parks – nature parks, toddler parks (every home is within walking distance of one), and amusement parks of course (have you heard of Disney???) In addition, a water park is scheduled to open this summer!!! This list can go on, I can talk all day about “Art after dark”, “movie night by the park” and community yoga! But what I must also highlight is the community’s active presence in instagram (only mi favorito)… Lake Nona’s handle is @learnlakenona. There are some very cool and engaging accounts like @nonahoodlatino and @lakenonasocial that you will love! (I will save these for another blog).

This video is 4 yrs old!!!! can I say it’s 100xs better!?

5. Community of the Future. Lake Nona is living in the year 3019. Going outside of the neighborhood makes me feel as if I’m a time traveler going back in time. Seriously. For example Laureate Park is one of the first U.S. gigabit communities and one of nine Iconic Smart + Connected communities in the world! Cutting-edge tech is imbedded in every corner of this community.  The most technically advanced medical facilities are situated right here. Nemours Children’s Hospital (nemours.org), Orlando VA Hospital (orlando.va.gov), and several university medical research centers. I mean come on do I need to say anymore? My list could have been much more extensive, but I’ll save the rest of the ‘hood for you guys to explore and see how great it truly is. If you’re thinking about visiting Orlando, come to Lake Nona, don’t give it much thought – just come down and see for yourself why I’m living in “the happiest place on earth”! (Sorry Disney…I had to borrow that line).

So here it is, this explains my grand excitement for being part of this community, and my muse for the recent changes in my blog. I have truly found home. I am dying to read your responses! let’s continue the chit chat on here and @onceuponamami … thank you for reading and watching!

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