A letter to my believers…

Dear Friends,

Can you believe @onceuponamami is turning one!? I can’t believe it either! Such a big girl now! 

Although I may not be the best at staying consistent with my posts, I’m so blessed to have followers as consistent as you. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey because it’s only going to get more exciting from here. Promise. I’m actually working on some very exciting things for you…shhh.

Here’s a couple of things to expect from me this year:

Learning more about the things I do and call “work”!

Writing. This means I am beefing up my reviews on yelp.com and getting a little more technical with my writing. I’ll be sharing these critiques with you and organizing them for you to utilize with ease. Just think about ordering the perfect meal at a new restaurant on your first visit. Pretty amazing right? Well that’s why I’m here to help! Speaking of writing, I want to introduce you guys to Pencil Loft, small writing company powered by women founded by my business partner and yours truly.  Pencil Loft specializes in content editing and writing tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We are still getting dressed and arriving to the party in February 2019! Lol – stay tuned!

Real Estate
I’ve let you all in on “House of Wolves” vía Instagram. HOW is a real estate investment company that my husband and I founded in 2016. Through this business, we buy, renovate and rent homes which I manage.  This year I aim to be more transparent about “how”, “why” and “where”   we invest and my favorite part of it all…designing!

This webpage will be glammed up in the near future with a cleaner look, less pink and more content! I’ll be adding pages dedicated to my restaurant reviews, fashion, home renovation ideas and top picks! I’ll be in mommy mode sharing more pics of my minis and definitely sharing more ME since you all have given me so much of YOU.

Gracias and cheers to our first of many years together !


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  1. Franchi
    Franchi says:

    Super proud of you and your growth! Although I’m not a mommy, I take advice you give and use it in another way, shape or form. Can’t wait to see what onceuponamami has in store for 2019 and upcoming years! Love you

    • Mary Vasquez
      Mary Vasquez says:

      Gosh! Like you melted my heart straight up like fondue! Tears of joy. Thank you for always being so very supportive, and loving all the women in me.


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