25 Things to Put on Your Baby Registry & Others You Should NOT

I cannot help myself but to write this with a  big smile on my face. I remember how clueless I was when I created my first born’s registry. I think I even created multiple registries… not knowing how complicated it became and hard to keep track of purchases. That is why I decided to share a “cliff-note” version of what can be an exciting but very tankful experience. In this article you will find my favorite items, those I wish I had and which you should not add to your registry.

When should consider creating a registry?

  1. 12 weeks of gestation. Waiting this healthy period to start creating your registry  is very appropriate as most miscarriage threats are now off the table. Also, it may be the beginning of you starting to look pregnant. In addition, you may already know the sex of the baby by the 12 week.
  2. When you find out the sex of the baby! this is such an exciting time! it literally has your mind flying in so many directions just thinking about what to buy your little one/s, and obsessing over Pinterest for nursery ideas! (fun fact: I waited until birth to find out the gender of my first born, Alegra)
  3. Around 6 months of pregnancy, you’re thinking “OMG why so late!?” well, here’s why: I changed my mind so many times during the course of my pregnancy that I was constantly changing infant carseats, tubs, you name it. With every conversation with another mom that suggests one thing, then the ads you see, also just all the products that keep launching. At 6 months, you have a very good idea of what you want, and you feel “mature” in the baby lingo and may even be able to tell one stroller from another from far away lol #facts.

Who should you register with?

Honestly, I will leave this one up to you. We all have very different shopping styles, budgets and likes. Amazon, was phenomenal when I used them, but I also registered with Pottery Barn Baby, because I wanted my nursery from there (twice). However, I must say that you may also put into perspective “who” will be purchasing these gifts… are they tech-friendly? do they know how to order online? will these people read your instructions? like: “Please ship all gifts to this address” or “Please make a donation on my baby’s behalf to…” so all of these are very important variables, Yes! it should be whatever you want, but let’s be frank…you are not the one buying the gifts (smiles).

What should you add to the Registry?

First, let me begin with what you shouldn’t. Again, this is my perspective based on my experiences:

  • NO item under $25*
    • I registered for a lot of nothings, if that makes sense? a whole bunch of pacifiers I did not use, funky little things that seemed cool but not in real life. Basically, I wasted people’s money and missed out on a valuable gift instead. Think of those people that like buying a lot of “little things”…. you get the picture.
  • NO clothes
    • This one might seem a little crazy to you… but unless this is your second kid, I do not recommend getting clothes, unless its just white onesies long and short sleeves in all sizes and socks. As a novice you may not know how uncomfortable it is to change these little newborns… and how soon many clothes are just designed poorly. I suggest you stock up on your own with baby’s firsts… this can be an extended shopping list from “hospital bag”. Newborns barely get dirty (unless baby has acid reflux), they almost live pajamas for the first three months. Also, if you register with a store that sells very good nursery furniture and not known for best quality clothes… you are doing yourself and your baby a disservice. You should opt for gift cards instead so you can buy from your preferred retailer, and see what kind of baby you have….does the baby have any allergies? does baby get hot easily? and so on. I may also add, people will buy you more than you ask for…and sometimes you may not exactly like what they have chosen for your baby. Food for thought.
  • NO “infant” anything
    • Trust me! these kids grow fast! If you prepare that “baby’s firsts” list you will be good. All you will need at first is: socks, onesies (kimono style is my  fav), pajamas, hats, mittens and diapers). Do NOT buy infant diapers in size 0 or too many 1’s. You may  leave the hospital with a whole bunch anyway (wink).
  • NO baby bottles
    • You might think I am nuts, I am not really. I read all the reviews there were, and bought the best. I was lucky enough that my kids liked what I bought right from the beginning. With Alegra I used Dr. Brown’s, and with Eliana I currently use Tommee Tippee. However, all babies are different, and have different feeding styles. I suggest you you wait on this until you are home with the baby for a week or so. If you successfully breastfeed, then this is not a problem for you (though having a bottle or two will come in handy in case of an emergency). My kids were breasted and also bottle fed with breast milk. For at least the first two weeks they fed on the hospital tube-looking bottles with the disposable nipples. Once you are home, and have taken the baby to his/her first medical check-up… you’ll know if your baby has any feeding issues, like acid reflux, or just simply only likes the boob or a bottle from the many samples you’ll receive. Imagine if you sterilize your $200 collection of baby bottles while nesting and your baby hates them…? wasteful. So, that’s my science behind waiting on bottles. Again, I cannot stress gift-cards enough :).
  • NO skin care
    • Lotions, shampoos, etc. should wait until you know what kind of baby you will have. Eczema is real, and so are many other skin conditions that babies are born with or may develop within a few days. That is why it is important to hold off on buying these, same concept as above. Also, you know very well you will be packing a mini travel size one anyway lol so yea, you will be fine. Try samples before you buy.
  • NO wipes warmer
    • At first I was all about getting this, and then my husband reasoned with me and reminded me that when we go out with the baby I won’t have the warmer with me… it’s true. What will I do then? and that was enough for me to cross that out of my list. You may not want to custom your kid to anything you cannot keep up, ’nuff said.

OK, what we all have been waiting for!

Here are my top 25 things you should absolutely register for:

  1. Gift cards or Cash

Image result for gift cards and cash

2. Baby Detergent (Club size please 🙂 )

Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Laundry Detergent, 64 Loads, 100 fl oz (perfect fro sensitive noses) $15.99

3. Crib

Monique Lhuillier Sateen Ethereal Butterfly Baby Bedding

Blythe Convertible Crib $999

4. Crib Mattress

Serta® Perfect Balance™ Crib and Toddler Mattress in Dove Grey $79.99 (buy any that you like, hey are all safe and relatively do the same, I bought mine from pottery barn)

5. Nursery Bedding

Monique Lhuillier Sateen Ethereal Butterfly Baby Bedding

Monique Lhuillier Sateen Ethereal Butterfly Baby Bedding $19 – $329 (I fell in love with this collection, and designed Eliana’s nursery around this design)

6. Changing Table

Fillmore Extra-Wide Dresser & Changing Table Topper, Simply White

Fillmore Extra Wide Dresser & Topper Set $1379 (I feel safe to say that ay pottery barn furniture can last you a lifetime)

7.  Changing Pad

Changing Table Pad

Luxe Chamois Changing Pad Cover, Changing, (multiple colors) $19.00- $55.00 ( I own this combo and its still perfect after 3 years)

8.  Diaper Pail

Playtex® Diaper Genie® Complete Assembled Diaper Pail in White with Refill $39.99 (try buying smaller size… this product is great but you never want to risk sitting on too many diapers) $39.99

9. Travel system (Stroller + Infant car seat + – universal car seat adaptor)

2018 UPPABABY VISTA AND MESA TRAVEL SYSTEM (in loic color, which is what I have and love it) $1,199.98

10.  Baby Monitor

MOTOROLA MBP36XL Baby Monitor $179

11. Pack n’ Play

4moms® Breeze Plus Playard in Black

4moms® Breeze Plus Playard in Black (also available in white) $299

12.  White Noise Machine (if monitor does not include)

SKIP*HOP® Moonlight & Melodies Owl Nightlight Soother

SKIP*HOP® Moonlight & Melodies Owl Nightlight Soother $39.99

13. Diapers size 2+

14.Baby wipes (unscented or water based

15. Wipes Dispenser

PDP main image

OXO Tot® Perfect Pull™ Wipes Dispenser in Teal $19.99

16. Diaper Basket

Harper Caddy Liner, Gray

Harper Caddy Liner, Multiple Colors available, liner is $15.50 + Embroidery $9.00 + Basket $19.00

17. Feeding Chair

bloom Fresco™ Chrome, Silver Frame/Rosy Pink Seat Pad Set

bloom Fresco™ Chrome, Silver Frame/Pink Seat Pad Set (multiple color combinations available) $650. This color combo was n/a when I needed it.

SKIP*HOP® Tuo Convertible High Chair in Charcoal

SKIP*HOP® Tuo Convertible High Chair in Charcoal $159.99 (What I own, perfect neutral, and multi-function chair)

18. Breast Pump (If you have insurance this is free, just contact your healthcare provider)

Pump, Breast in style Advanced Starter Set $175.00

19. Car Seat Cover


JJ Cole® Car Seat Cover in Grey Herringbone $29.99

20. Car Seat Mirror

Baby Backseat Mirror for Car [COMBO w/ 2 Universal Window Shades] – View Infant in Rear Facing Car Seat – Newborn Safety With Secure Headrest Double-Strap $14.99

21. Baby Gym (play mat)

The Emily & Meritt Activity Gym

The Emily & Meritt Activity Gym $99 (I am obsessed with black and white anything)

22. Humidifier

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier in White $49.99

23. Lightweight Stroller

Babyzen™ YOYO + Frame in Black (I think every mom’s fave) $449.99

24. Thermometer

Braun Thermometer, No Touch + Forehead (typically used by Doctor’s) $46.99

25.Baby Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer Sleeper Baby Lounger Seat for Infants – Travel Bed – Bassinet Alternative, Ivory. $99.00 (Loooove this product! best investment ever)

I hope you guys have enjoyed my list! please know tat most of these items are just a reference, not a rule of thumb. However, I have carefully curated this list just for you with the very best for the very best (you). Please comment below if you have any questions, suggestions! Be sure to refer to my Instagram  for additional tips! Thank you for trusting me!


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