Introducing Kids to Fireworks

I like a lot of things, and love very few. Fireworks 🎇 I happen to absolutely love! And this year I am ready! You see, I have missed watching live fireworks for the past couple of years. I can go on and on… but the truth is I have had back-to-back pregnancies and I avoid crowed areas while pregnant (potential stampede 😳…I know so dramatic but #facts). The non-pregnant summer between my two pregnancies, I was still paranoid to take a then 9 month old Alegra to see the fireworks.

This time around, my babies are 2.5 yrs old and 9 months. I am ready to take them to experience something I enjoy so much and share that magical moment with them. Selfishly I just want to see their little face light up and capture that moment in a photo and archive that in the album that never gets printed (story of my life). So, since I am a planner and just pretty much very OCD in things… this is what I have done to prepare for a positive “first” time (fingers crossed):

1. Show videos. I have streamed YouTube “fireworks” videos on our TV… this will familiarize them with at least a visual of what to expect… I engage them by pin-pointing colors, shapes and movement of the fireworks being displayed. By creating excitement and anticipation I think it allows a healthy space for a positive experience.

2. Protect their ears. I am a loyal fan of Baby BanZ hearing protection. I use these in loud spaces to keep my kids calm and ears safe. Fireworks can be very very loud, so these will come in super handy. I might pimp my Baby BanZ in red, white and blue to add a patriotic touch 😉.

3. Protect their skin & hair. Most of these live shows are pretty late and obviously outdoors. By dressing my kids in sturdy sneakers, long pants (jeans for added protection in case of a fall), and a light long sleeve (stay away mosquitoes!). Wherever there’s a body of water, grass and it’s summer please prepare for mosquitoes to be present. Whip out the bug 🐜 repellent, and spray prior to attending show all over clothes. I also tie their hair, preferably a bun, but a ponytail is fine. A hair-free face is a great way to experience the fireworks, also the paranoid “Me” thinks of lice potential as well lol.

Most importantly is to to sit back and enjoy time with your family on this great first experience! Fireworks bring out the kid in us all and what better way to experience it than with your kids.

Happy 4th of July!


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