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Unique and Free Father’s Day Gestures to Make his Week special

Father’s Day…

The day we moms get to show our beloved how thankful we are of their fathering💕. If you haven’t had the chance to think of something unique to give your special guy, consider giving him a week’s long gifting. Think of Secret Santa minus Christmas plus he’ll know who’s giving him the gifts 😳.

Here’s some awesome ideas to consider this week:

1. Breakfast in bed. I know it’s been done a million times, but with the busyness of your household I’m sure the last thing he’s expecting is time carved out to fix him a special breakfast before he starts his day. And who doesn’t love receiving food😋.
2. Love notes expressing how much he means to you and your family. A note everyday left in random places will catch him off guard. Make sure you leave the notes in places he frequents daily (in my case his gym bag…rubber-band a post-it to his water bottle). The kids can also join in on this activity.
3. Kids are asleep. Good. If not, try your best to get them asleep early one evening so you can have a glass of wine and a slow dance with him. Put on his favorite love song (I am thinking Sade 🙂 and take a moment to embrace one another while dancing and enjoying your love story.
4. Run that man a bath. Ahhhh I am jealous of the thought lol. But really… a warm bath, drop some salts in that baby and some essential oils (totally optional) these will help him relax even more. You can you sit by the tub, read him some sports headlines (or whatever your man is into… or totally go Shakespeare on him…or maybe let a “love” or “appreciation” inspired podcast session play for him. Trust me, he will appreciate this surprise very much.
5. Send him Lunch! Yasss! with UberEats you can now send him his favorite dish from almost any restaurant. Send it early enough that he won’t have time to step out on his own. He will be shocked at your gesture, I assure you success. (OK this one is not free, but its pretty awesome!)
6. Make time to watch his favorite movie…even it’s Saw III. He will always remember you made this effort.
7. If you are co-parenting and would like to show appreciation to the father of your child/children, you can skip buying a card, and instead ensure your kid/(s) make a beautiful hand-made card, one that he’ll keep forever.
I promise you that nothing feels better than doing acts of kindness. Your gestures will be so appreciated  and he’ll be so overwhelmed by the daily affirmations of love you’ve been providing all week that you can gift him a banana on Father’s Day and he’ll cry tears of joy. #momwins!!!
Please comment below if you have other ideas we can use this week and post the outcome of which of these you applied! (I am challenging myself to doing all of these! 🙂 Just hope my husband doesn’t read this post :). Keep an eye out for “Mary’s Picks” for gift ideas on Instagram.
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  1. Vanessa A.
    Vanessa A. says:

    Hi Mary! Love this post! I will see if I can do everything on the list this week! Pray for me and my efforts! Thanks for these fab ideas!

    • Mary Vasquez
      Mary Vasquez says:

      Loving the enthusiasm Vanessa! I think unexpected tokens of appreciation can go a long way! I am excited to hear back from you next week!


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