Top 7 Things To Do When Your Baby is Vaccinated

vaccination day tips
Warning: this blog entry makes my skin crawl too! yesterday I took Eliana for her four month check-up and series of vaccines. Yes, “series” one oral and four injections (see recommended schedule). Now, I know the controversies around vaccines in infants… the mystery of Autism being related to these series of injections… not to mention that our little ones are just so little and the whole experience is terrible; I am for vaccination and believe in medicine and overall believe in doing anything possible to protect my children. Nonetheless…From the moment January came in, I kept looking at my calendar with
PDF schedule of infant vaccine schedule

Baby to Adult Recommended Immunization Schedule

that dusty pink dot on the 23rd (I had to reschedule and everyone in my crew has a color on my google calendar/OCD here). My heart ached, and I kept obsessing over the many times I have had to hold my daughters heads down and little arms up, while kissing their foreheads and humming “shush shush shush I am sorry, mami is here, it will be over soon” as nurse administers the cocktail. It’s like knowing that my heart will be broken on that day marked on my calendar and I know it. I kept hearing and imagining the piercing shrieks of my baby on that medical bed, and imagining her making eye contact with me with watered eyes. As I write this, my nose tingles and yes, my eyes are glossier that when I started this post. Gosh, it’s painful for me as it is for every parent and our babies. I did say that I am pro vaccines! no doubt… and I keep telling myself that so I get over it, and heal my heart back… as I do warm compresses on my infant’s sore thighs. I wonder and wonder what IF? What if Autism is really an adverse effect? What if my daughters have one of those 1 in a million reactions to a vaccine. So, as you can see my obsession does not end. I guess I will forever be worried, and forever will be heartbroken until these two are probably 45 yrs old asking me to sit down because I have a broken hip. I say so because these vaccines are every two months… just about 20 injections before they turn one years old… and not to mention the many many many worries in between. Ok, this post has been intense… my initial intention was to share some of the things I do to prepare for these doomed days:

  1. Be calm, speak in your normal tone and distract your baby.
  2. Ask doctor that you prefer to hold your baby during the process. This is help the baby feel safe and comforted. Some doctors will prefer to lay them on the medical bed (like mine).
  3. Have a bottle out and ready at medical bed so you can soothe baby with milk ASAP, immediately after shots.
  4. Give baby ibuprofen (or pain medication of choice)  immediately after or ask nurse to give it right before the oral vaccines, that way you use their meds lol and baby will ingest without crying. A drug-free pain management option is sugar-water.
  5. Dress baby in a nightgown (those long bedtime onesies with open feet for easy diaper access) this way you don’t fuss with baby’s sore legs… weather permitting then only a onesie.
  6. Don’t bathe baby that night. Let that baby rest. Instead, you can do warm compresses on the affected areas.
  7. If you are a working parent, try to schedule these on Friday when you can spend time with the baby and most importantly observe closely for the next 72hrs. Click here to read on possible side effects from vaccines.

This is exactly what I do every single time. Of course, please delay vaccinations in the event that your baby is sick… as we want a stronger immune system to receive the cocktail of vaccines. I hope my perspective on this subject can help you and your little one! Please share with someone you may think will benefit from reading this piece, with the icons below.♥



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